Sunday, 22 January 2017

'Wonderful Place to Relax and Unwind After a Whirlwind Trip Around Beautiful Sri Lanka'.

20th. January 2017

'Wonderful place to relax and unwind after a whirlwind trip around beautiful Sri Lanka.
Thank you to all the friendly and helpful staff for making our stay so comfortable.

Ben and Victoria Gimson
PS try the Sri Lankan breakfast".

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Galle Lighthouse, Sri Lanka

Galle Lighthouse is Sri Lanka's oldest light station dating back to 1848.

The original 24.5-metre-high (80ft) lighthouse built by the British, was located about 100 metres (330ft) from the current site, was destroyed by fire in 1934.

The original light was furnished with a glass prism lens floating in a bath of mercury (to reduce friction) and was powered by a weight driven machine.

The existing 26.5-metre-high (87 ft) lighthouse was erected here in 1939 and is within the walls of the ancient Galle Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site, just over an hour from Reef Villa & Spa.

Reef Villa & Spa

Friday, 13 January 2017

Thai Pongal falls on January 14th - a Harvest Festival

Thai Pongal falls on 14th January 2017 and is the harvest and thanksgiving festival marking the start of Spring.

For Hindus the date of Pongal is extremely auspicious and astronomically significant.

Pongal is celebrated when the fields are blooming and the festival is a celebration of prosperity and good harvest especially for the farming community.

Early Bird Discount

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Early Bird @ Reef Villa & Spa Sri Lanka. Book by 31 January for a 10% discount

Book on our website by 31st January 2017 and enjoy a 10% discount on the room rate for travel between 15th January May and 1st September. *

Apply Code: REEFBIRD when making the booking on our website

* Minimum 2 night stay required
Full payment required time of booking
Non refundable
Not combinable with any other offer


Early Bird Offer

Celebrate New Year's Eve at Reef Villa & Spa, Sri Lanka

Celebrate New Year's Eve at Reef Villa & Spa to include for cocktails and canapes in the Plantation House followed by a celebratory New Year's Eve dinner in the Summer Breeze restaurant.

For vegetarians we will offer a vegetarian menu,

For festivities, Kandyan dancing, a fireworks display and a sparkling toast will ring in the New Year.

US$165 per person plus service charge and government taxes as applicable.

We wish you a very merry Christmas from Reef Villa & Spa

We wish you a very merry Christmas from Reef Villa & Spa, Sri Lanka.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Whale and Dolphin Watching in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is becoming increasingly popular as a whale and dolphin watching destination.

To date 27 species of whale and dolphin have been recorded in these waters including the largest creatures on the planet, the Blue Whale; also sperm whales, Bryde' s whales, orcas (killer whales), and beaked whales, as well as spinner, spotted, bottlenose, Risso's and Fraser's dolphins.

The ideal location for whale watching from Reef Villa is Dondra Point.

It can be accomplished as a day trip but with a very early start as the boats generally leave around 6.30.

The season for whale watching from Mirissa is between November and April.

Sri Lanka, The island of Jewels

Gemstone use in Sri Lanka dates back at least 2,000 years.

The gem-laden island was referred to in Sanskrit as Ratna Dweepa, meaning “Island of Jewels”. 

Whilst the country produces many different types of gemstones, sapphire is the most well known.

Whilst blue Ceylon sapphires is also the most well known but virtually all colours of sapphires are found in Sri Lanka and include for yellow, white, golden and star.

The rarest Padparadscha sapphire signifying the vibrant coral tones reflected by the stone is found in Sri Lanka.

Light to medium blue sapphires are the most desired blue sapphires from Sri Lanka.  The lightest blue is called Cornflower Blue and these generally attract a higher price amongst all hues of blue sapphires.

Rubies, aquamarine, garnets, spinel, tourmaline, geuda, topaz, moonstones, peridot, beryl and citrine are just some of the 75 different types of gem stones found in Sri Lanka for Sri Lanka’s gem-bearing gravels, called illam, are some of the richest in the world.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Last Minute Christmas Availability @ Reef Villa & Spa

Join us for our Christmas and New Year festivities at Reef Villa & Spa.